Solar water heater service Winter Haven

Pro-Tech Plumbing is the most experienced plumbing company is Winter Haven Florida when it comes to solar water heaters. Unfortunately, many home owners in Winter Haven have solar water heaters installed by less knowledgeable fly by night plumbers. These plumbing contractors know a bit about sales and in some cases offer a lower price but lack the finer design and installation skills needed to make a system last. Considering the upfront investment costs for one of these systems, it’s a real shame to see so many home owners needing repairs on fairly new systems.

fp45 190x300 Solar water heater service Winter Haven

 We do a ton of repair work on these “orphaned” solar water heaters installed by companies that go in and out of business in just a few years or don’t stand behind their work. We believe in solar water heating and hate seeing such a economical technology get it’s name pulled through the mud. What would seem like a minor change in placement, installation, selection or orientation of something as simple as a freeze valve can cause expensive failures in just 2 or 3 years. The repairs for these failures can be as much as 1/2 the original system installation cost.

winter haven solar Solar water heater service Winter Haven

That being said, domestic solar water heaters have the lowest cost of ownership for families in Winter Haven Florida if designed and installed correctly. They can pay for themselves in energy savings in just 3.5 years (assuming they last that long without repair cost).

Whether it’ servicing an orphaned solar system or installing a new heater we appreciate your business. Your local Winter Haven Florida solar company, Pro-Tech Plumbing 863-293-4202

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